I’m diving right in

with little to no explanation. 

I’ve been out there, pouring my heart out to strangers and feeling like a freak but also just feeling like i’m right. 

I’m not oging to get organizded in this blog, I’m not gooing to be organized, stay organized when I get there, I’m just going to blurt this shit out out. 

As it comes. 

It’s going to be unprofessional, messy, maybe even

ugly.  At times.  Unlike other recent writings, the poetry and the essays and the stories, this is not for editing.  This is not for getting it right. 

This is not for making it look good. 

as essential as they’ve seemed until now, the fact is i just can’t afford them

I’ve been wanting to bleach my teeth.  I’ve been wanting to do something about my hair, overgrown with zero style.  I’ve been wanting attention. 

New clothes.  Feeling better about my appearance. 

But why?

These things cost money.