this blog is bare bones for a reason

Actually on the other platform it was even more simple. Didn’t waste time choosing a theme, I just went with the default. I love that. Like a skeleton. Not even trying to get the perfect look, just basic.

Because this isn’t about having an image gallery.

It’s not about blowing it up with pictures of my bootie as if that’s all I should ever need to say.

The other platform isn’t even up to current standards. That’s why it was perfect. There’s something attractive about it, but plain. It was built for words.

Plain is what I wanted.

The type was tiny. Not bold, puffed up, artificially-enlarged like everything else we have to live with, ugh. I’m so tired of feeling burned by everyone’s flash.

I want plain to be okay. Because underneath all the other garbage, that’s what I need to allow myself to be. Fancy is unforgiving. Let some typos stay, like wrinkles. I want no money spent, no SEO obsession, no publishing this shit at the “right” times, to express this. How about when the moment strikes, I just start typing? How about whenever I feel like it, I press send?

The billions of pictures are so loud it’s like pollution, yeah duh. Not just picture pollution though, but luxury pollution. I wanted to go off-grid in the internet world. I wanted to be able to say I went for the default theme on the most modest, understated, and least glossy platform. But if the whole point is to write in public, the other platform kinda sucks for that because nobody goes there because it’s not a fucking image gallery. Right?

I find myself bringing the stuff back here. It seems more people visit here and I do like the interface.  I’d picked the most straightforward theme and set up in maybe an hour and I’m starting to like it. Even though I already miss the other place. My eyes felt like resting. It was nice.

The last time I launched a new blog, I might as well have been planning a wedding. That’s what happens when looks are everything, in your head of everyone else’s hearts.